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Probe K-type Thermocouple Surface Max 650°C



Item no. HI-766B

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Surface Thermocouple K-Type Probe

The HI766B is a surface K-type thermocouple probe with a handle designed for use with a thermocouple thermometer. A cable extends 1 m from the handle to the thermocouple connector with the meter. The flat, 16 mm diameter surface of the probe allows users to obtain highly accurate temperature readings of furnaces, molds, and other high-temperature solid surfaces.

  • Measures up to 650°C
  • 8 second response time
  • Stainless steel

The Surface K-Type Thermocouple Probe with Handle - HI766B is designed to measure the temperature of solid, high-temperature surfaces that may be difficult to measure. The response time of a measurement is affected by the position of the sensor relative to the surface being measured. The HI766B surface construction offers a speedy 8-second response for a temperature reading. With a strong, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel construction, this probe is able to measure surfaces up to 650°C (1200°F).

Specification Detail
Recommended Operating Temperature 650°C
Response Time (90% of final value) 8 seconds
Body Length L 260 mm x dia 16 mm
Temperature Sensor yes
Body Material stainless steel
Cable polyurethane (PUR)/coiled; 1 m
Recommended Use furnaces, hot solids, molds
Connection K-Type

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