Oxygen Probe for HI-9145/43 10m View larger

Oxygen Probe for HI-9145/43 10m



Item no. HI-76407/10

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436 €

Standard DO Probe, 10 m cable

Shielded, waterproof cable
Protective sleeve
PEI probe for best field protection
Linearized and accurate thermistor temperature sensor protected behind a stainless steel cover
Glass encapsulated platinum cathode
Thin permeable PTFE membrane isolates the sensor elements from the testing solution, but allows oxygen to enter (HI 76407A/P)

The HI 76407 dissolved oxygen probe is extremely rugged, making it perfect for both laboratory and field applications. Calibration is fast, simple and all DO readings are temperature compensated.

The pre-tensioned, ready-made PTFE membrane can be changed in a few seconds without the need to stretch and cut replacements.

Order Information:
For use with HI 4421 and HI 2400 laboratory bench DO meters. 10 m (33') cable

Cable Length 10 m (33')

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