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pH electrode Glass with sidearm



Item no. HI-1135B

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Refillable, Combination pH Electrode, Side Arm Construction

The HI1135B is a glass body, refillable, double junction pH electrode with a BNC connector. This electrode has a double ceramic junction in the outer junction and the pH sensing portion is made with high temperature glass. The HI1135B also features a glass side arm construction that allows for a faster flow rate. This design consideration is ideal for applications in which continuous pH monitoring is essential.

The HI1135B uses high temperature (HT) glass, spherical bulb, glass body, double ceramic frit, double junction and is refillable through the side arm construction with 3.5M KCl.

Specification Detail
Description refillable, combination pH electrode w/ side arm construction and fast flow rate
Reference double, Ag/AgCl
Junction / Flow Rate ceramic, double / 30-40 µL/h
Electrolyte KCl 3.5M
Max Pressure 3 bar with back pressure
Range pH: 0 to 14
Recommended Operating Temperature 0 to 100°C  — HT
Tip / Shape spheric (dia: 9.5 mm)
Temperature Sensor no
Amplifier no
Body Material glass
Cable coaxial; 1 m 
Recommended Use continuous monitoring with remote filling
Connection BNC

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