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The HI11102 HALO is a Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) pH and temperature electrode. This electrode is composed of a glass body and spheric, general purpose glass sensing bulb. The double junction design ensures that the gel electrolyte is free of silver chloride (AgCl) between the sample to be measured and the internal reference cell, resisting clogging and any potential precipitation at the junction. All readings are transmitted directly to an Android or Apple device (not included) running the Hanna Lab App

One Press Connect Easily connect to the Hanna Lab App at the press of a button via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Status Indicator Visible from a distance, LED "halo" light flashes to indicate the status of the probe.

General Purpose Glass Formulation General purpose glass, as the name implies, is a standard glass formulation that is used for general use. A pH electrode with general purpose (GP) glass will have a resistance of 100 megaohms at 25°C and is suited for measuring pH of samples that are at ambient temperatures. The HI11102 is suitable to use with samples that measure from -5 to 80°

Spheric Glass Tip The spheric bulb is for general purpose use within laboratory environments and applications that measure aqueous solutions due to its large surface area. Other tip shapes include conic for penetration and flat tip for surface measurements.

Built-in Temperature Sensor HI11102 features a built-in thermistor temperature sensor that is in the tip of the indicating pH electrode. A thermistor temperature sensor provides for a high accuracy temperature reading and should be as close as possible to the indicating pH electrode in order to compensate for the effect that temperature has on the change in resistance of the glass. By having an accurate reading it is possible to provide a temperature compensated reading.

Glass Body The glass body of the HI11102 is ideal for laboratory use. The glass is resistant to many harsh chemicals and is easy to clean. The glass body also allows for a fast transfer of heat to the internal reference electrolyte. The mV generated by the reference cell is temperature dependent, so the faster thermal equilibrium is reached, the steadier the reference potential.

Single Ceramic Double Junction Reference The HI11102 is a double junction design. pH electrodes are available as single junction or double junction. See below for a complete description of the differences. The junction also known as a salt bridge is necessary component of the electrical circuit. The movement of ions must flow through the junction for a steady reading. The outer reference has a single ceramic frit. The ceramic is a porous material that is easily fused with the glass body and has a similar expansion coefficient. A single ceramic junction allows the gel electrolyte to flow at a rate of 15-20 μL/hour.

he HI11102 HALO is a revolutionary pH electrode that incorporates Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) wireless technology with an application specific design. This electrode has many features that makes it ideal for laboratory use. These features include general purpose (GP) glasTs, spheric bulb, integrated temperature sensor, glass body, and double reference junction with silver-free gel electrolyte.

The Hanna Lab App turns an Android or Apple device into a full-featured pH meter when used with the Hanna HALO pH probe with Bluetooth Smart technology. Functions include calibration, measurement, data logging, graphing and data sharing. Measurement and logging of pH and temperature at one second intervals start as soon as the probe is connected. Measurements can be displayed alone on the display, with tabulated data, or as a graph. The graph can be panned and zoomed with the iPad’s pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced viewing.
Order Information. HI-11102 (HALO) is supplied with storage solution, cleaning solution, pH 7.01 buffer solution, pH 4.01 buffer solution, battery, quality certificate and instruction sheet. Smartphone and tablet not included. 

Download Information Hanna Lab App is available free to download and use from 


Specification NameDetail
SKU HI11102
Reference double, Ag/AgCl
Junction / Flow Rate ceramic
Electrolyte gel
Range pH: 0 to 12
Recommended Operating Temperature -5 to 80˚C
Tip / Shape spheric
Diameter 12 mm
Body Length 120 mm / 183 mm
Temperature Sensor yes
Body Material glass
Recommended Use laboratory general purpose
Connection Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0), 10 m range

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