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Accurate, flexible & easy to use, HALO® Bluetooth pH electrode connects wirelessly to a mobile phone or tablet or the Hanna Edge-Blu pH meter.

It has a double junction, refillable glass pH electrode, fitted with a built-in temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation.

Use with the free Hanna Lab App to turn a tablet or mobile phone into a fully functional pH meter with calibration, measurement, datalogging, graphing & data share.

The HI-11312 HALO® is a pH and temperature electrode which incorporates a Bluetooth transmitter to wirelessly connect to a tablet or mobile phone or the Hanna Edge-Blu pH meter.

No need for a pH meter
Free to use Hanna Lap App for iPad and Android
Flexible, accurate and easy to use

Hanna Lab App The first app that turns a tablet or mobile phone into a full-featured pH meter!

The Hanna Lab App turns a tablet or mobile phone into a full-featured pH meter when used with the Hanna HALO® pH electrode with Bluetooth® smart technology. Functions include calibration, measurement, data logging, graphing and data sharing. Measurement and logging of pH and temperature at one second intervals start as soon as the probe is connected. Measurements can be displayed alone on the display, with tabulated data or as a graph. The graph can be planned and zoomed with the tablet or mobile phone's pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced viewing.

Connecting a HALO® probe to the Hanna Lab App is simple. Tap the Bluetooth® icon in the top-right corner to view all available HALO® probes then press the button on your HALO® probe. The blue halo on the probe will start blinking indicating that it is in discovery mode. Select the newly discovered HALO® probe from the list of available probes. If a previously associated probe is detectable when the app is opened, it will connect to that probe automatically.

  • Connects to HALO® via Bluetooth® 4.0
  • Up to five-point pH calibration with seven standard pH buffers available
  • Calibration reminder
  • pH and temperature updated every second
  • Basic and full GLP
  • Fluid, dynamic graphing
  • Measurement alarms Alerts you if the measurement threshold is exceeded
  • One button sample tagging
  • Data-logging with custom annotations
  • Share data via email in CSV format
  • Help and tutorials

One press Connect Easily connect to the Hanna Lab App (required for use) at the press of a button via Bluetooth® wireless technology (10 m range).

Integrated Temperature Sensor Ensures the calibration and measurement is automatically temperature compensated, thus eliminating error.

Warranty 6 month limited warranty

Ordering Information HI11312 (HALO™) is supplied with storage solution(20ml), cleaning solution(20ml), pH 7.01 buffer solution (20ml), pH 4.01 buffer solution (20ml), fill solution, battery, quality certificate and instruction sheet. Smartphone and tablet not included.

Compatibility/System Requirements HALO pH electrodes are compatible with HI2202 edgeblu meter and the following devices: 

Download Information Hanna Lab App is available free to download and use from 



Specification Detail
Reference double, Ag/AgCl
Junction / Flow Rate ceramic
Electrolyte 3.5M KCl
Range pH: 0 to 13 pH
Recommended Operating Temperature -5 to 80˚C 
Tip / Shape spheric
Diameter 12 mm
Body Length 120 mm / 195 mm
Temperature Sensor yes integrated
Body Material glass
Recommended Use laboratory general purpose
Connection Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0), 10 m range
Environment 0.0 to 50.0°C, electronic module is not waterproof
Battery Type CR2032 3V lithium ion

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