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Submersible electrode Holder



Item no. HI-6051

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Submersible Electrode Holder for Immersion Installation, 1 m

Install process electrodes with a glass body and no external thread on tanks using the HI6051 electrode holder with sealing O-ring. 

These electrode mounting systems are constructed in rugged PVC and will resist most of the chemicals associated with wastewater treatment.

They are easy to install and require no tools for maintenance, making weekly electrode inspection and meter calibration a quick and easy task.

The mounting flange is a rugged PVC piece that mounts directly to the stainless steel brackets on tanks.

The figure illustrates the suggested bracket dimensions used for mounting. Once mounted to the tank, the electrode holder is a sturdy, protective housing that will extend the life of the electrodes. The electrode slides into the holder and is hand tightened into place. The cable from the electrode will lead up through the holder and out through the cap on top. The cable is also shielded inside the holder to prevent any damage to the insulation. The protective cap is removable to allow for quick and simple electrode maintenance and replacement.

Submersion Length 975 mm 
Total Length 1105 mm 
Weight 1.2 kg 

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