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Dissolved Oxygen Meter Galvanic Probe 10m



Item no. HI-9147-10

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592 €

HI 9147-10 DO Meter is same meter as HI 9147-04 but with10m cable. 

HI 9147-10 DO Meter (with a 10 m cable) are specially designed for aquaculture applications. This unit is unique among our family of DO meters in that it comes with a galvanic probe.

Unlike polarographic probes, galvanic DO probes require no conditioning time. When you need to measure multiple samples in a given period of time, pick it up and measure immediately and on demand. HI 9147 is equipped with automatic temperature compensation plus user adjustable altitude and salinity compensations for the most accurate measurements.

This unit comes with a rechargeable battery (inductive charger not included). HI 9147 is a must have for DO sensitive organisms or high bio-load environments.

• Designed specifically for aquaculture

• Backlit LCD

• Automatic temperature compensation

• Automatic salinity compensation

• Water-resistant

• Protective rubber boot included

Fore more info see  HI9147-04 Do meter

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