Multiparameter Meter with GPS and Turbidity, 10m Cable



Item no. HI-9829-11102

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Multiparameter Meter with GPS, pH/ORP/ISE, EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity/Seawater Specific Gravity, Turbidity, DO, Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure

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Order Information
HI 98290 meter with GPS, 230V
HI 7609829/10m probe,
HI 7698296 long protective sleeve,
HI 7698291 USB cable (PC to meter),
HI 929829 PC Application Software,
HI 920005 iButton® with holder (5 pcs),
HI 7609829-2 DO sensor,
HI 7609829-1 pH/ORP sensor,
HI 7609829-4 EC/Turbidity sensor,
HI 710045 power supply cable,
HI 7698292 Probe Maintenance Kit,
HI 7698293 long calibration beaker,
HI 9829-16 0 FNU calibration solution (230 mL),
HI 9829-17 20 FNU calibration solution (230 mL),
HI 9829-18 200 FNU calibration solution (230 mL),
HI 9828-25 calibration solution (500mL),
HI 710046 Cigarette Lighter Cable,
carrying case,
Product Manual

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