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Portable pH/ORP Meter HI-9125

The HI9125 is a rugged, waterproof, portable pH and mV meter. This meter offers many features including automatic calibration, automatic shut off, battery error prevention system, on-screen instructions, and automatic temperature compensation. The HI9125 is supplied complete with meter, PEI plastic body, double junction pH electrode, and temperature probe packaged in a durable plastic carrying case.

  • Automatic Two-Point Calibration
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

The HI9125 is a rugged, portable pH and mV meter designed to provide laboratory precision and accuracy under harsh environmental and industrial conditions. The meter offers a variety of features including automatic calibration to 1 or 2 points, automatic temperature compensation, dual-level LCD, on-screen instructions, and Battery Error Prevention System.

The HI9125 has selectable pH and mV modes. The mV mode is used with an optional ORP electrode for the determination of oxidation or reduction potentials of a solution. Hanna offers a variety of ORP electrodes from glass to PEI plastic body styles.

The HI9125 uses the universal BNC probe input for pH and ORP electrodes. The universal BNC connector allows the user to select from a wide variety of electrodes based on their particular application. A separate RCA connector is used for a thermistor temperature probe. The temperature probe provides for a high ±0.4°C accuracy measurement for precise temperature compensation.

Features at a Glance

One or Two-Point Calibration - Automatic calibration can be performed at 1 or 2 points using the 5 preprogrammed buffers (pH 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, and 10.01).

On-Screen Instructions - Clear and easy to use on-screen instructions take you through all of the steps in performing a calibration and taking measurements.

Durable Plastic Body pH Electrode - The HI9125 is supplied with the HI1230B PEI plastic body, double junction pH electrode that is gel filled. The PEI body offers excellent chemical resistance to many harsh chemicals. The double junction design helps minimize contamination of the inner reference cell which could cause precipitation of the Ag/AgCl electrolyte resulting in a clogged junction. Since the HI1230B is gel filled it does not require electrolyte solution to maintain.

Temperature Compensation - The HI9125 offers automatic or manual temperature compensation of pH measurements over a wide range from -20.0 to 120.0°C.

mV mode - The HI9125 has a mV mode that can be used with a wide variety of ORP electrodes for monitoring oxidation reduction potentials.

Measurement Recall - The HI9125 has a “MEM” button to store a reading. The reading can be recalled at anytime by pressing the memory recall “MR” button

Automatic Shut-Off - The HI9125 has an adjustable auto-off feature. The meter can be set to turn itself off after 20 minutes to prevent accidental drainage of the batteries or it can be disabled so the user has to turn the meter off with the power button.

Battery Error Prevention System (BEPS) - The Battery Error Prevention System detects when the batteries become too weak to ensure reliable measurements.

Specification Detail
pH Range 2.00 to 16.00 pH
pH Resolution 0.01 pH
pH Accuracy (@25°C) ±0.01 pH
pH Calibration 1 or 2-point, with 5 memorized buffers (4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01)
mV Range ±699.9 mV / ±1999 mV
mV Resolution 0.1 mV / 1 mV
mV Accuracy ±0.2 mV / ±1 mV
Temp. Range -20.0 to 120.0 °C 
Temp.Resolution 0.1 °C 
Temp. Accuracy (@25°C) ±0.4 °C  (excluding probe error)
Temp.Compensation Automatic, from -20.0 to 120.0 °C or manual, without temperature probe
Power Supply 4 x 1.2V AAA size (rechargeable batteries)
Power Consumption approx. 200 hours of continuous use
Environment 0 – 50 °C max RH 100%
Dimensions 191.5x71.6x36 mm 
Weight 425 g
Ordering Information HI9125 is supplied with HI1230B pH electrode, HI7662 temperature probe, HI70004 pH 4.01 buffer solution sachet (20 mL), HI70007 pH 7.01 buffer sachet (20 mL), 100 mL plastic beaker, 1.5V AAA batteries (3), instructions, and hard carrying case.
Warranty 2 years, pH-electrode and temperature probe 6 month

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