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Portable pH Meter for Leather and Paper HI-99171

Dedicated to leather and paper applications 

Flat-tipped glass probe 
Multi-level LCD Display 
On-screen tutorial messages for calibration and set-up 
Stability indicator 
Automatic Temperature Compensation 
Automatic one or two point calibration 
BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings 
Battery % displayed on startup 
Compact, heavy-duty, and water resistant 
Easy to clean flat-tip sensor

Direct pH measurement on paper and leather is fast and accurate with the HI99171 pH meter. HI99171 utilizes a flat tip probe designed to optimize surface contact with the sample.

pH measurement of papers and cartons is important, not only in the production phase, but also in the packaging phase. The food industry, for example, perform pH compatibility tests.


Range* -2.00 to 16.00 pH / -2.0 to 16.0 pH ±825 mV (pH-mV) -5.0 to 105.0 °C

Resolution 0.01 pH / 0.1 pH 1 mV 0.1 °C

Accuracy @ 25°C  ±0.02 pH / ±0.1 pH ±1 mV (pH-mV) ±0.5 °C up to 60 °C; ±1.0 °C outside 

Temperature compensation Automatic -5.0 to 105.0 °C

pH calibration Automatic 1 or 2 point selectable buffer set Standard: 4.01; 7.01; 10.01 or NIST: 4.01; 6.86; 9.18

Probe (included) HI14143 pH and temperature probe with flat tip, DIN connector and 1 m

Battery type 1.5V AAA (3 pcs.) 

Auto-off user selectable: After 8 min, 60 min or disabled

Environment 0 to 50 °C RH max. 100%

Meter dimensions 154 x 63 x 30 mm

Weight (with batteries) 196 g

Case ingress protection rating IP67

* the HI14143 is limited to be used from 0 to 12 pH and from 0 to 50 °C temperature

Order Information: HI 99171 is supplied with HI 14143 flat tipped pH/temperature probe,batteries, HI700680 electrode cleaning solution for cellulose deposits (2 sachets), batteries, instructions and hard carrying case.

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